Communicable Disease Surveillance Data

NYC Health Department Data Resources

Registry and Surveillance

                        The Bureau of Communicable Disease monitors and investigates more than 70 communicable diseases in NYC to rapidly detect, characterize, and respond to infectious disease threats to prevent or control ongoing transmission. Communicable disease surveillance data are derived from reports filed with the Health Department laboratories and health care providers as required by Section 11.03 of the NYC Health Code.

Data Access

Access Type Link Name Contact Years Data Available
Public EpiQuery 2000–2017, updated annually
*Restricted BCD_reportable_data@health.nyc.gov 2000–present

*Data source may have regulations or policies protecting data from inappropriate disclosure. If you are seeking to obtain these data and no information on the restriction policy and/or protocol is included, please contact the office with contact information provided.

Population Universe

Age From: 0
Age To: 65+
                        Surveillance data for more than 70 communicable diseases include cases among patients known to reside in one of the five boroughs of NYC.  

Description of Data

                        The Communicable Disease Surveillance Data EpiQuery module displays reported cases, crude rates, and age-adjusted rates, stratified by selected demographic (age group, sex, neighborhood poverty) and geographic characteristics (borough, United Hospital Fund neighborhood).

The BCD disease surveillance database is an electronic web-based application and database containing surveillance and epidemiologic investigation data for the >70 diseases reportable to BCD, and all outbreaks and individual cases of other diseases and conditions investigated by BCD. Because this is a live database, data are preliminary and constantly changing. Data requests from this database require a signed data use agreement reviewed by both the Health Department and the legal department of the requesters’ institutions.

Additional Information

Data Formats SAS
Geocodes in Data Source Zip Code, X/Y Coordinate, Longitude and Latitude, Community District Number, 2010 Census Tract, 2000 Census Tract, Borough Code, United Hospital Fund (UHF 42)